Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Wagging Tale: Devotion = Contentment

They wait on me hand and foot. Well, foot and foot may be more accurate. They lie by my feet, lean their heads on my leg, and wait. I stand up, they stand up. I move across the room, their little feet carry them to the same place. I sit down again, they sit and gaze into my eyes, desiring only that I look back and smile. They even look to me to allay their fears during thunderstorms.

They actually desire me to guide and set boundaries for them. It makes them feel secure to know what’s expected of them, as they only want to please me. They wait for my commands. If they go ahead of me, it usually leads to them being dissatisfied because I will reprimand, which makes them sad.

All day, and even into the night, they only want to be near me. They are grateful for my presence with them. They are content. For Jasmine and Gypsy, life is good.

Would that I be as devoted to God. Perhaps I, too, would find rest and contentment every day. 

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kalonapua3 said...

They know when we are not feeling well and come to comfort us. They are regardless of shape or size truly our best friends.

Cheryl Ann Wills said...

amen, cousin:) love you!

Anita Davis said...

Powerful and sensitive picture of a true potential for walking with and waiting on Christ if one were to "choose to find joy in Jesus" as your other recent devotional poem conveys. Loving your recent work dear...very inspiring!