Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Wagging Tale of Jasmine & Gypsy: Friendship

My two devoted canines are an example of true friendship. They wait and watch for each other when we call them inside, or send them out to potty, or call them to crate or bed time.  Together they race around the yard or house, and snoop under bushes for tiny critters after a hard rain.

Their friendship is not only evident because they have fun together. Each pup has her own private space and often calls for private time. They have separate eating places and crates and their favorite human chairs. One may want to run around outside (Gypsy) while the other prefers to lounge indoors (Jasmine). One chooses to play with us (Gypsy) while the other watches contentedly from the sofa (Jasmine). Jasmine is highly protective of her dinner. She lets Gypsy know with her ears back and a glare if Gypsy strays too close on those days Jasmine feels like taking her time to eat.  An audible warning is given when one continually bugs the other to play (Gypsy to Jasmine).

Regardless of the day around them, at some point each day, they can be found lying close together, usually touching with feet or back, often with Gypsy curled next to Jasmine’s strong body. They always forgive and forget. They let each other be themselves. They are friends.

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