Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Wagging Tale of Relaxation

My two favorite four-legged friends still follow me around like puppy dogs all day. As I write, one is lying by the right of my feet, the other by my left.
They enjoy going upstairs to my prayer and writing room. I keep special bones in the closet that they can only access when we are locked in together. Gypsy used to chew every minute of every hour that we spent there. She’s three now which must mean her gnawing needs are not as great. Now she will often chow down on the bone for only 15 minutes and then find a place in the sun by my feet, and near her best bud, Jasmine.
They are buds. Their sleeping crates are both in my office, and they are nearly always in the same room during waking hours. Jasmine must like Gypsy more these days because she’s begun to ring the bell by the door to let Gypsy inside rather than only ring it to get Gypsy outdoors.
Sometimes I wish I could be as content and relaxed as they. But then I remind myself that their level of relaxation does not lead to much productivity. So I will be content but I will also be productive and take little breaks during the day and they can take day long breaks and make me smile. It’s a good situation for us all.

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Anonymous said...

Adorable story. I espeically liked the part where Jasmine now rings the bell to let Gyspy in the house too!
So glad you have your loving pets, I love my golden girls too.
little sis