Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Wagging Tale of Enthusiasm

I come home late in the day after using my brain at meetings here and there. I’m tired as I walk up the steps from the garage but under the door at the top I spy eight little furry feet dancing. Tap. Tap. Tap.
I open the door to be greeted with four eyes riveted on my face. Two tails are wagging like flags in the wind, and one Boxer butt wiggling like a fish on a hook.
“Hi, girls, did you miss me?” They run to bring me a bone or a ball, so I can be certain of their answer. And for a few moments at least, I am no longer dragging.
This scene is repeated every time I walk in the door. My puppies’ greetings make me feel truly missed and needed. No wonder they make me smile and lift my spirits.
Unless we’ve been traveling for days or weeks or longer, rarely do humans greet one another as enthusiastically – especially not every time they see us. What kind of change would happen in our lives if we did?

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Anonymous said...

Loved it, I was just talking to my girls the other day about how excited they get as well.... I do remind Sophie that I see her too and will pet her, but she insists it's best if she uses her voice to let me know she is there.
Enjoy all of the minutes with your wagging girls.