Monday, August 2, 2010

A Wagging Tale of Gypsy

When Gypsy was new to us (about 6 mos old after living an entire life in a kennel), she was even more crazy than today (really).
Our first camping trip with her in our new RV was wild. We had to keep our eyes on her every second.
One morning I was in shower, and kept hearing a very strange gnawing sound.  I knew Ed had ben reading on the sofa so everything must be fine. But it just didn't seem like a good sound.
When I walked out of the bathroom, there was Gypsy with the bone we had given her, sitting right by her side, while she gnawed a hole in the FLAT vinyl kitchen floor. OMG
So now it's time to sell the RV because we are preparing to move to Colorado where  we really won't need an RV to get to the mountains, lakes and streams.  And we have this patched hole in the middle of the floor of a hardly used RV. Thanks, Gyps:)

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