Saturday, August 14, 2010

As Much as She Makes us Crazy...

Yes, Gypsy makes us crazy with her incessant need to play. Play is like an obsession to her. And as much as she wants to play nonstop, she thinks we do as well. Which must be why she takes turns with us.  One of us throws the ball, and she brings it back to the next person in the room; that person throws the  ball and she brings it back to the other person.  It's like she wants to be fair.  Why should only one person have the chance to play with her?  And this continues until the humans finally say, no more!  Which by that time often means she'll give us a break. For a little while, at least.
So as much as she makes us crazy, there is always a sweetness in her nature, i.e. playing fair:)

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