Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And I Love Her

She nuzzles, coaxing me.
Her face moves ever so close to mine
Her eyes steadily stare into my own,
Boring through me.
She is trying as hard as she knows
To communicate.
I try to understand but to no avail;
We do not speak the same language.
She nods, her head pointing the direction of her need:
It may be a door needs opening,
Or a toy needs picking up.
She quivers with excitement
Each time she spots prey
and bounces wildly, unable to be contained.
I rub her chest and speak softly,
Intent to calm her.
She acquiesces,
hoping her calm will convince me to release her to pounce.
All day long she rarely stops moving;
Only in the evening does she slow down.
And when disobedience is her action,
As it often is,
Her ears lie flat against her head
And with deeply remorseful eyes, she awaits forgiveness.

This is my Gypsy Jingles
And I love her.

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