Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Wagging Tale of Jasmine & Gypsy

There is no doubt that adopting Gypsy Rose, a cute and lively brindle and white Boston Terrier/Beagle was exactly what regal, Mahogany colored Boxer Jasmine needed to lead her out of depression and restore her own fun-loving personality.
Gypsy is almost as smart as her new big sister, and just as eager to please her owners, making Ed and I elated. She’s fast as lightning racing around the back yard, giving Jasmine the exercise she has been needing since cousins Nakima and Frodo moved. And she loves to cuddle close to doggies, something Jasmine never got as much as she wanted from Nakima and Frodo.
Tough as it has been to bring in a puppy with zero training at 4 months of age, seeing the bond between the new sisters is reward enough, knowing this perfect match will make the desired difference in the long run.
Do dogs really need friends? I mean, friends in other dogs? I can only answer for Jasmine, and that would be a definitive, yes.

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