Monday, March 7, 2011

A Wagging Tale of Jasmine & Gypsy: We're Home!

12:30 a.m.
We sleepily climbed the steps. No pups to greet us. The house sitter must have gone to her own house earlier.  Walk down the hall following sounds in my office. Usually when they've been crated while we go out, they are sound asleep when we return and barely raise their groggy heads to greet us.
In their crates they stand, wiggling and smiling.
Open Gypsy's door first. Jump, jump, jump. Oh, good. I see the tail is 100% normal and wagging endlessly. Run down the hall to meet Ed.
Next, Jasmine: wiggle butt moving a mile a minute. Can't stop wiggling. And laughing. Yeh, I think she was actually laughing with glee.
They slept by our bed.
They have followed me from room to room all day. I'm thinkin' they're pretty happy that we're home:)  Me, too. I missed them.

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