Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A faithful friend is gone

Today my cousin’s faithful Yellow Lab died. Tanner was a sweet canine who only loved life and her family. After four days of agony and a final diagnosis of a cancerous mouth tumor  and prognosis that the end was imminent, Karen told me how the family walked in to say farewell. Tanner sat up and let them love on her.  The scene I envisioned made me weep. In the midst of her pain, she loved and let herself be loved.
This reminds me of Jesus. Here was a man without sin, who lived a wholly nonviolent life, who only desired good for all mankind and to be the servant of all. In the midst of His agony after betrayal by a friend, with sharp thorns piercing his brain, flesh torn in chunks from flogging, and nails ripping through tendons in his wrists, He asked our Father to forgive those who raged against Him. And then, as His mother wept at His feet, He made certain that she would be cared for by His dear friend.
You’ve heard me say that I believe our best dog pets are an example of unconditional love and who desire to serve us. Jesus Christ was the first man, who was also Divine, to show us in His life and in His dying moments the truth of unconditional love. 
When this earth and all its beings and life were created, the intention was for all to live and breathe in peace and harmony, in joy and love, with no evil, no famine, no murders, no anything ugly. Yet man let himself be deceived and chose not to trust God by disobeying. That covenant of good was broken, for God had given man his own free will. And sin, disobedience to the perfect will of God, entered the perfect place.
Jesus Christ came to be the repair in the fabric of all that is good and kind and to be a model for us all. Dogs like Tanner teach us on another level that good and pure hearts offer unconditional love until their last breath.

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