Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Blues

Oh it's Christmas time, a time when family gets together and where family travels so does the canine. I live close to my family which is a blessing especially around the holidays. However just because we live near by does not mean the dogs get together often so when the holidays cone and full days are spent at parents' home the dogs get to romp and play together. The clan consists of, a 5 year old boxer who is more of a lap dog than any of the others, a not quite 2 year old beagle/Boston terrier cross who thinks it is a crime to lay down and be still or more than 30 minutes at a time, a 10 year old mutt who is persnickety and set in her ways, and lastly a 7 year old pug who makes a lot of noise sleeps and feels the need on ocasion to mark every blade of grass as his own.
Christmas baking ran late Saturday so the night was spent in my old bedroom te dogs happily sleeping curled up at my feet peace all around. Morning comes the parents' dogs are crying at the door so wanting to play with their canine cousins. The mutt, Nakima, jumps on to the bed and won't get off until I do moping behind me to the door. At the top of the stairs the cousins are running up and down crying barking so excited to have company. So what does Nakima do? Lays down won't come down the stairs it's too messy of a situation for her to get involved. We put the two over hyper over joyous pals outside. Nakima still won't come down the stairs whimpering from the cat walk asking for some unknown need of assistance. So I walk over to the landing and sit on the bottom stair. Overjoyed she flies down the stairs to plop her bum in my lap and to look egearly at my face as to say thank you. For what I have no idea, but she was grateful.
Oh and this was just for one night. I cannot wait to see what happens over the long weekend coming up :-).

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Cheryl Ann Wills said...

so it was a long weekend b/c of all the SNOW! It was totally fun, the dogs FINALLY played nicely together all the time. And even occasionally slept before bedtime!
Now that I've been let go from your shop, Bec (thank you!), I am going to start adding some stories here, too!!

Cheryl Ann Wills said...

still a very fun memory. thanks for recording some of it!